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*[BURTON] Custom Flying V- custom premature start V 154 The Cannnel 10/11 snowboarding / board

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[BURTON] 2010-2011 model snowboarding, board /SNOW BOARDS

I invited master マッズ of Mason and the backcountry that were pipe & park master to development, and revolutionary all-around board Custom Flying V was completed.

I add strength and the suspension of the camber to a sole by the looseness of the locker in the whole by adopting a locker and both merits of the camber by adoption of Flying V.

It will be that Custom equipped with a lighting bolt making Frost byte edge and a response to raise a grip quick repaints the again brilliant history.

Flying V has a locker and the good point of both cambers with it. The camber shape under both legs and Frost byte edge, EGD, a combination of The Channel bring about high edge control and a pop, the power at the time of the turn while giving you buoyancy and the looseness only in the locker by having a general locker shape from both legs each over the outside.

[FEEL] 5

[full length] 154.0cm

[waist] 252mm

[shape] Directional

[shape] Premature start V locker

[setback] +10

*It has Burton Japan regular article warranty.
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