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45KW04054-A - 45KW04054-E

[MIZUNO] Right field-style 040 white X orange

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[MIZUNO] the golf shoes for the golf shoes / spikesless shoes / Lady's golf shoes / woman

●Right field-style 040 [45KW-04054]

■The spikes reply that balanced stability with lightweighting, and was equipped with IG technology.

■IG Multi which enabled high grip performance even without spikes is installed.

■I show high stability although being lightweight and support a step well.

■45KW04054 orange 45KW04066 purple with exchange string *The sole color varies according to an article number.

*Since the IG multi is designed asymmetrical left and right, IG (impact grip) effect may be inferior at the time of left striking.

[color] It is a white X orange 54

[weight] Approximately 300 grams (24.0 centimeters of one)

[material] The former: An artificial leather bottom: Resin, rubber
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