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[MIZUNO] MORELIA 2 2015 Model White X Black Morette Limited Model Soccer Spike / Soccer Shoes

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Soccer > Cleats/Boots > MIZUNO > MORESUTE limitation Model
[MIZUNO] a model-limited in soccer article / soccer shoes / soccer spikes (rigid / nature turf, soil, artificial turf correspondence) 2015 spring and summer

●Leak MORELIA 2 -, and rear 2 leaks; a rear station-limited color

Of constant seller model "leak rear 2" that many professionals such as Toshihiro Aoyama or Kengo Nakamura of the soccer representative from Japan use habitually for a super flexible barefoot sense in Mizuno soccer shoes leak, and throw it away; a limited color appearance★

[color] Super white pearl X black X red, white, black, red

[upper] natural leather (Scotchgard kangaroo leather)

*This product costs the days by product shipment for a maker order product for approximately from 2 to 7. In addition, even if is after an order, may be out of stock; thank you for your understanding beforehand.
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