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62JB4200-A1 - 62JB4200-D4

[MIZUNO] Lady's / Ui men zouk water underwear / game underwear

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All sports
Badminton > Badminton wear > Game pants/Skirt
[MIZUNO] badminton wear / soft tennis wear / tennis wear / budware / game wear / uniform / bud underwear / tennis underwear / game underwear / Lady's / Ui men / woman

●Quarter Pants / Game Pants For Women [62JB4200]

・A wear for the tennis / soft tennis / badminton!

・With deodorant tape

・I show that sweat perspiration quick-drying is superior and absorb sweat quickly and keep diffusion, the wear a comfortable state.

・Association of badminton official approval pass article in Japan.

・I show that I am superior in antibacterial deodorization characteristics and restrain the increase of bacteria and an unpleasant smell.

[material] 100% of polyester

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