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[MIZUNO] BASARA 003 AS orange X purple turf shoes / training shoes

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[MIZUNO] soccer article / soccer shoes / turf shoes / turf training shoes / training shoes /2015 model in the spring and summer


"BASARA series" that creates speed and sharpness of the new dimension used by Shinko Okazaki of Japan national football team

It is shoes for aggressive players bringing about a counterattack and acceleration to deceive an enemy by "BASARA" which was developed to shake off a partner by a quick turn of the wonder latest speed technology★

I wore a feeling of outstanding fitting only in Mizuno, and speed was added to a feeling and lightness.

These shoes are just fitting to the Japanese foot of high insteps, the wide foot in being a wide model again!

[color] Orange X purple

[upper] soft person mechanic leather

[weight] Approximately 255 g (27.0cm one)

*This product may cost the days by shipment for maker order for approximately from 2 to 7. In addition, even if is after an order, may become out of stock; thank you for your understanding beforehand.
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