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[MIZUNO] S trailer NEO 2 EL white X black soccer spikes / soccer shoes

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[MIZUNO] soccer article / soccer shoes / soccer spikes (rigid / nature turf, soil, artificial turf correspondence) 2014S/S model in the spring and summer

●Estrela NEO 2 EL [P1GA1422-09]

Ultra lightweight and popular soccer spike "Morelia Neo" brother appeared second model of "Estrela Neo"! !

I put lightweight sole born in pursuit of "light weight, a flexible barefoot sense" on sole.

In addition, I reduce that a foot glides in the anatomical cup in sole in shoes by adoption and slips off and raise a feeling of fitting of the sole.

[color] Super white pearl X black X blue, white, black, blue

[upper] microfiber person mechanic leather, artificial leather

[weight] Approximately 255 g (27.0cm one leg)

*S trailer neo-2EL, S trailer NEO2EL

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