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[MIZUNO] Sonic club SI white X black soccer spikes / soccer shoes

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[MIZUNO] soccer shoes / soccer spikes (exchange type) 2011S/S model

●SONIC CLUB SI - sonic club SI [12KI14309]

Low price of "the sonic series" that scientized a dribble, and was born, wide model exchange type appearance★

Your dribble should evolve more if I wear these shoes!

With the low repulsion material "FTS" on the upper part which is most used when dribbling and the built-in son-in with the built-in son-in, we achieved fine ball touch and reliable ball control even at top speed.

In addition, it is recommended in saying that even the game at soil and the ground of the turf which were muddy in exchange-type one does not want to be slippery★

[color] Super white pearl X black

[upper] person mechanic leather

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