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[SASAKI] Multicolored ribbon

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[SASAKI] rhythmic gymnastics / exercises /Rhythmicgymnastics/ ribbon

Multicolored ribbon [M-71MC]

・Classic flexibility, glossiness that came out of a Japanese "satin weave technology"

・Sasaki's ribbon, which is hard to generate static electricity and is difficult to wrap around, is selected from yarns, woven and finished in Japan

・Because a craftsman does hand dyeing carefully one by one, the gradation ribbon realizes the color of the light and shade that color development is rich, and are delicate using an old superior dyeing technology in Japan.

・Polychromatic dyeing ribbon of SASAKI representing the gradation that is very beautiful whenever it works with an exquisite color.

・Polychromatic dyeing ribbon of the color that was thought out to play beautiful gradation in what "I wrote"

*One point of texture of the color varies in one point, and some dyeing may be capricious, but, for dyeing by the manual labor, thank you for your understanding

・Japan Amateur Sports Association official approval product official 1 standard

・F.I.G (federation of international exercises) authorization product

[size] More than 6m in length

[material] Rayon

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