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[MIZUNO] Selling according to judo clothes jacket championship underwear, the obi

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[MIZUNO] a martial arts / judo article / judo goods / judo wear / judo clothes / jacket / underwear / Zone

●Selling [22JMG019] according to judo jacket championship underwear, the obi

*This product becomes only the jacket. The underwear obi is other selling.

The club guide type of the championship model! (light weight, soft finish)

[material] Continuous single weave bleached cotton 100%

[object] Beginner, primary schoolchild, junior high student

*This product takes time by shipment for a maker order product for from 3 to 7. In addition, even if is after an order, may be out of stock; thank you for your understanding beforehand.
This product is currently sold out. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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